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“Eternal Croisière” by ONNO COLLECTION: A Scented Journey Inspired by Nature

At the heart of the high-end experience offered by Didier & Rosalinde now lies a captivating new addition: the "Eternal Croisière" candle from ONNO COLLECTION. This olfactory gem, designed for those who seek to enrich their living space with elegance and distinction, is a true homage to the wonders of nature.

Ginger Fig : An Enchanting Fragrance

"Eternal Croisière" captivates with its suave scent, where delicate aromas of fig blend with the zest of ginger. This subtle fragrance brings an enchanting natural glow, distinguishing itself as the most refined scent in the collection. Perfect for relaxation moments, it gently awakens the senses, promising a scent escape with every light.

Natural Inspiration and Unique Design

The origin of this exceptional candle traces back to an inspiring visit by Ilse Vandeputte to a natural honey farm in Tanzania. Witnessing the vital importance of bees in the ecosystem, Ilse was inspired by their honeycomb to create the distinctive design of "Eternal Croisière". The complex and naturally efficient structure of the honeycomb is reflected in the elegant design of the candle, thus reinforcing the link between nature and craftsmanship.

Experience and Atmosphere

Beyond its captivating fragrance, "Eternal Croisière" transforms the atmosphere of any room. Its soft light and diffused scent create an environment conducive to relaxation and meditation, making every room a sanctuary of peace.

Exclusivity and the Perfect Gift

Presented in a black box adorned with gold and accompanied by a gift bag, "Eternal Croisière" represents the ideal gift for any occasion. Whether to treat a loved one or to add a touch of luxury to your interior, this candle is a choice selection for those who appreciate refinement and elegance.

We invite you to discover the "Eternal Croisière" candle at Didier & Rosalinde, to experience an unmatched olfactory and aesthetic journey. Let yourself be transported on this unique sensory voyage.

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