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The spirit of Didier & Rosalinde,
Frédéric Van Espen

As a hairdresser and the manager of Didier & Rosalinde, Frédéric Van Espen embodies the know-how and creative spirit of the House. He was both the student and the chosen one of Didier and Rosalinde, who entrusted him with taking over the salon in 2003. An opportunity seized wholeheartedly by Frédéric, who has since found the perfect balance between tradition and innovation in his House of Hair and Beauty in Ixelles.

Frédéric en 5 dates

  • 1998 / The beginnings

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    The late ’90s saw the arrival of Frédéric Van Espen at Didier & Rosalinde. Armed with his diploma, a few years of experience, and a keen eye for hairstyling, this ambitious young man demonstrated his passion for the craft, as well as his respect for tradition, under the watchful eyes of his two mentors.

  • 2003 / Takeover of Maison Didier & Rosalinde

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    After spending five years practicing the trade under Rosalinde’s watchful eye, Frédéric was offered the opportunity to take over the salon, which he accepted without hesitation. Leveraging the expertise inherited from his two teachers, he breathed new life into a House already known for its beauty and elegance among the people of Brussels. He introduced his philosophy of hairstyling, considering it a reflection of the personalities of the women and men who trusted him. Uncompromising about respecting his clients’ style, he listened to their desires and responded candidly. This approach to his profession earned him the loyalty of his clients and an excellent reputation among his peers.

  • 2013 / Queen Mathilde

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    In 2013, Frédéric received a surprising phone call: Princess Mathilde wished to avail herself of his services! Since then, Frédéric has been the personal hairdresser for Queen Mathilde of Belgium for internationally renowned events.

  • 2018 / The move

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    A new chapter in the history of Didier & Rosalinde began in 2018 when Frédéric relocated the salon. It had been situated in a splendid but now aging Art Deco hotel near the Abbaye de la Cambre. Frédéric set up his hairdressing equipment at 101 Avenue Louise. This change turned Didier & Rosalinde toward a future rooted in modernity in the heart of Brussels. In this elegant and spacious environment, Frédéric continues to welcome his clients with the same passion as he did yesterday and will do tomorrow.

His expertise

  • Square plunging bob

  • Buns

  • Fringe

An artisan at heart, Frédéric knew from a young age that he would build his future with his hands. Creative, skilled in craftsmanship, and precise, he quickly gravitated towards hairstyling and worked through his teenage years to enter the profession. He took hairstyling courses for four years, during which he enthusiastically explored all aspects of the trade, from cutting to making hairpieces.

After completing his studies, he spent four years in internships, ultimately landing at Didier & Rosalinde in 1998. Infused with a love for craftsmanship, he naturally embraced his mentors’ traditional approach to the trade, which placed unwavering respect for tradition at its core. The personal hairdresser for Queen Mathilde of Belgium since 2013, he also showcases his updo expertise to the world. Today, Frédéric relentlessly continues to apply the expertise he accumulated throughout his journey while incorporating current trends, characterized by avant-garde and sophistication.

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